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Custom-fit Automation

July 30, 2020

Although standard business processes across all dental offices have little variation, every practice is still unique in executing these. As an example, let’s review the insurance verification process. Every dental office in the country needs to verify insurance before a patient visits the office. It’s a standard process. However, there are many variations to it.

Some practices only check the active/inactive status of patients. Some only obtain eligibility and benefits. Others gather full breakdowns of every code on every new and existing patient.  Besides the data collected on the insurance verification process, there are variations in how to input this data back to the practice management (dental) software. Some dental offices upload documents or forms; others don’t. Some input all the data back the back to the practice management (dental) software, others don’t.

Hence, many variations of the same process: Insurance verification. The above were just some examples.

DentalRobot, regardless of any variations, provides a custom fit for every process, for every dental office. Our approach is simple; 80% of the processes/task is Pre-Built into our Robots, 20% is customized, delivering custom-fit automation. We follow the same approach on all the other processes that we automate; everything is 100% custom-fit.

We automate, amplify & redefine your dental practice with Robots. We are DentalRobot, easy automation. Contact us for further information.