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Group Practice or DSO, a POC, is the way to go.

August 5, 2020

A Proof of Concept approach is an excellent way to start your automation journey when you are a DSO or a Dental Group Practice. It is a demonstration to verify that certain concepts, hypotheses, or theories have the potential for real application in any of your dental offices. In our automation world, POC is an easy and fast way to validate the scope and benefits of automating business processes in dental offices.

How to start your POC? While the process might be slightly different per DSO or Group Practice, follow these steps.

Define team members and set goals:

  • a. Establish key team members. Who will help DentalRobot’s team understand the process to be automated? Who will help on the technology side? If there is an external IT provider, who will be the person of contact?
  • b. Set goals. Establishing and setting goals provides a baseline for the business to follow after the POC has been successful.
  • c. Define the scope of the POC. Be very pragmatic about the POC; highly customized Robots and workflows delay the launch of the POC. Simplify it with some Pre-Built Robots.

2. Establish a time frame

Preparation is a significant part of any POC as it involves team members from two organizations, the DSO/Group and DentalRobot. It is crucial to establish the time required by team members. The good news is that DentalRobot does most of the heavy-lifting on the POC.

3. Select the process to be automated

Group Dental Practices or DSO have many processes that can be automated. Select one as part of this POC. It can be insurance verification, patient accounts receivable, managing claims, phone calls, dental forms, front desk accountability, call center, and much more.

4. Develop and launch the POC

DentalRobot has many Pre-Built Robots helping reduce by 90% the time it takes to build and launch the POC. The company will provide the Pre-Built Robots as part of POC; any Robots’ customization are post POC.

To launch POC, please follow these simple steps to start POC:

  • There are many great HIPAA compliant remote connection platforms. Two of the most used are www.teamviewer.com and www.splashtop.com.
  • Once remote access has been granted, DentalRobot will download it’s automation platform.
  • A user and password account for your dental practice management software should be provided.
  • Depending on the process to be automated, more credentials could be needed to access third-party platforms.
  • DentalRobot implements its Pre-Built Robots. Expect 1-2 hours.
  • Ready to test.

These are the standard four-step process for any POC. The POC is free of cost and has a duration of 30 days. Interested in learning more? Contact us.