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Let's talk about payroll

August 24, 2020

As we continue our journey on automating all repetitive, consistent, boring manual and tedious processes, let's talk about automating payroll.

Most of our clients use the time clock features embedded in their dental practice management software (PMS). We understand that these time clocks provide at least 80% of what is needed to start calculating payroll. However, based on our calculations, it can take about fifteen minutes per staff member to prepare all the data required to send to platforms like Paychex, ADP, or even Gusto. Therefore, if you have ten hourly paid employees, the total time spent doing payroll from your PMS is about three hours. Every month the number goes to six hours.

How can Robots help reduce the number of hours needed for payroll calculation in a dental office?

On a recent trial of our Payroll Pre-Built Robots, they were able to reduce the amount to extract and process data needed for payroll. The outcome: from fifteen minutes down to two minutes. A drop of almost 90%. However, this process requires human assistance in areas like vacations, PTO, notes.

The solution: Human Assisted Pre-Built Robots by DentalRobots. With this robust combined workforce, your dental practice can reduce the payroll process from fifteen minutes to five minutes per each hourly paid employee. The process is simple:

  1. Pre-Built Robot logs into the dental practice management system.
  2. Pre-Built Robot extracts timesheet per employee and places every in a separate excel sheet.
  3. Pre-Built Robot re-organizes an excel document, per each staff member of the dental office.
  4. Payroll is ready to be revised by Office Manager

DentalRobot, helps dental offices reduce the time invested in payroll calculation.