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Ready to schedule a Test Drive with DentalRobot?

December 9, 2020

Most of us have experienced test driving a car in a dealership. It serves the purpose of validating some hypotheses about your next purchase. Will I like the steering? Are the brakes good enough? What about visibility? Any weird sounds? How does it compare to other vehicles I'm testing?

These are just some questions or hypotheses that one tries to validate on a test drive. Similarly, a Proof of Concept or POC (previous blog) is a Test Drive of our automation platform. This POC is an excellent way for solos, groups, or DSOs to validate our business process automation platform's scope of impact for dental offices.

Some hypothesis that you will be able to validate:

  • Is my dental office ready for automation?
  • Is DentalRobot's business process automation real? Are they physical robots or powerful "super" software?
  • How constant are the outcomes?
  • Easy to implement in any workstation or server.
  • How much of my team's time will be devoted to automation.

Are you interested in a Test Drive of our business process automation platform uniquely designed for dental offices? Contact us for further information. Remember to check our social media properties.