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Why are we Fast and Easy?

December 8, 2020

In 2017, we analyzed all the automation platforms in corporate America when we started developing our platform. We embarked on pricing journeys to figure out how much time it could take our first customers to adopt and launch automation. We were baffled. In some cases, months and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Forward to 2020. We have built hundreds of processes and workflows on top of our business process automation platform, regardless of which software your practice uses. All of these are custom made for every one of our dental practices.

In many cases, we can implement automation in a matter of minutes. However, the most complex workflows take some time (at most one week). One week compared to months (in Corporate America) is an outstanding achievement. But we want to continue delivering on our promise.

Our development team is committed to reducing the time it takes to automate the most complex business processes (and 100% customized) from one week to a matter of minutes.

We are Fast and Easy versus the current established players in Corporate America. With our new releases in Q1 2021, we will be Faster and Easier.