Seamless commutation for dental professionals.


A new communication channel to get closer with your Patient

COVID-19 is impacting all Pediatric Dental offices in the country with no precedents. That’s why a complete Tele Dentistry platform is here to help you go through this complex situation delivering an easy and friendly user experience to keep in touch with your patients.

Stay connected and stay safe.

Seamless commutation for dental professionals.

Video conferencing for teledentistry that delivers a reliable, safe, and secure connection to your patients. Seamlessly integrates into your practice workflow and enables you to do a quick follow-up consultation or to triage patients that may require immediate care for a safer, more productive visit for patient, doctor, and staff.

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Going online during this Pandemic is the most secure way for your patients and your team

Don’t lose an opportunity to keep in touch with your patients and give the support that they may need with the lowest risk. Also, if you are in the United States, your Dental Practice is considered Covered Entity or Business Associate as defined under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).


Reduces the Overhead
and Risk of Non-Essential Visits

Through video-conferencing, quickly determine whether your patient requires an immediate, in-office visit or whether it’s a situation that can be scheduled and treated

Improves Patient Experience and Satisfaction

Provide immediate attention and care to your patients with real-time video communications

Improves Health Outcomes and Accessibility to Those in Need

Reach patients that would otherwise forgo a trip to the dentists office

High Definition Video and Audio

High quality video and audio to provide a near, in-person experience

HIPAA Compliance and Security

Secure and HIPPA compliant solution to protect you and your patients

Integrated Seamlessly with Your Patient Data

Launch a video directly from your patient profile within Messenger

Mobile Ready

Supported by all major browsers, our responsive design enables you and your patient to connect with a mobile device

How the process works?

Manage all your needs in a single, easy-to-use platform.



Welcome Email

Register Patient(s)

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Request a Doctor

Auto-Book Appointment



Payment Confirmation

Appointment Confirmation

Meeting ID




Access to the appointment meeting with a meeting ID and Password

Why this platform will be helpful?

call tele dental

The business model will change.

Adapting and staying ahead of the curve is going to be key to take advantage of the new challenges the market will face post-crisis.

It's all cloud-based.

TeleDentistry is all based on the cloud so you can stay
always up to do date on everything related to your patients and practice.

cloud-g- teledent

Our Features

Integrates with your Practice Management Software

Online Booking from anywhere.

On Demand video medical consultations with your doctor

One single registration to get your appointment confirmed

Secure and HIPAA Compliant

Online payments

Email confirmation for payment and appointments

Practice Management Software Agnostic

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