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DentalRobot as an idea.

Our idea came to mind about ten years ago when we installed one of the first SMS/email reminder platform in a friend’s dental office (a start-up practice). During the following years, the frustration flourished that this platform was so rigid, not customizable, and so expensive for an average dental office.

It left a seed inside our hearts that someday, someone had to do something better. By 2017, while helping (again) other dental offices (start-ups) implement SMS/email reminder platforms, we saw that nothing much had changed since 2010. Our hearts and souls were broken. Seven years had passed, and much little innovation.

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Silicon Valley

During the same period (2010-2017) we had seen in Silicon Valley, so many creative products and engineering people built great platforms and applications. Why was software in the dental space 10-20 years behind? SMB’s and Big Corporations were enjoying the benefits of the creation of amazing platforms and software while at the same time becoming more efficient in their processes. A light came out of the darkness.

We spoke to many dentists and understood the way data, within their applications and software, is poorly moved. So many practice management softwares, so many web applications like banks, insurance carriers, social media, recall platforms, QuickBooks, analytics, etc.

Some clear examples of those conversations:

  • “I want my EMR software to communicate with my Practice Management Software (PMS)”
  • “I want to save money on bookkeeping by sending data from my PMS to Quickbooks.”
  • “I want to be able to use any out of the shelve platform/application that my son recommends me to use.”
  • “I want to do bank reconciliations almost daily.”
  • “I want to do insurance verifications on all my patients, new and existing. And a full breakdown.”
  • “I want to be able to know what is happening to all the missed calls without asking the Front Desk.”
  • “I want to send personalized emails to patients with treatment plan options.”
  • “I want to use the same platforms that my corporate clients are using.”
  • “I have a reminding platform, a dashboard, a phone system, a merchant account, plus my PMS and email, and these require multiple log-ins every day.”

"...different specialties: GP, Perio, Ortho, Oral Surgeon, Pedo."

We listened.

We understood the pain, the procrastination, the frustration. We also realized there was a bigger problem to solve, making our customers happy again with their profession. So, this is how it all began. We went full throttle and worked out as operations and business managers of several practices located here in Miami.

We learned the language; we learned the processes, the lingo, the platforms, the players, we learned from different specialties, GP, Perio, Ortho, Oral Surgeon, Pedo. Then, we decided it was time to create a very horizontal platform that could solve the problem of moving and placing data while making the owner of the P&L a happier person.

Happier Dentist. Happier Patients.

We are in the business of making you a happier person by the adoption of automation at scale, customized for dentistry, and a price point that is unbeatable and easy to use. Regardless of your processes and workflows or the type of software and web applications that you use, our platform adapts to your office.

We want every practice in the country to have at least one robot for automation purposes. Either for Google Reviews, Reimbursement, Teledentistry, Insurance Verification, or any other purpose.

Our sense of purpose is to make you a happier dentist owner, associate, group owner, or CEO of DSO/MSO.

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