Partner & Developer Solutions

Seeking top-notch data quality and automation solutions from Payer Portals and Call Centers to seamlessly integrate into your Software Product Mix? Alternatively, are you a Billing Company keen on harnessing our assets through a White-Label approach?

Insurance Verification for Solos and Groups

For Software Providers, MSPs, Influencers, and Consultants who wish to build a solid business leveraging the most powerful and complete Dental Insurance Verification Software for single and group offices. The white-label platform is manage through https://www.getlunna.com/

EOB Xtractor

For Dental Support Organizations and Partners who opt to receive Dental Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) in paper format or have devised a method to consolidate all digital EOBs in a centralized location, our EOB Xtractor is now equipped to systematically extract all pertinent data from these EOBs. Subsequently, this data can be seamlessly transferred and organized into various platforms via API, such as Excel, Google Sheets, Tableau, and Power BI or even our dentalrobot dashboard.

Plug & Play

eCommerce Ready, 9 Brands of Practice Management Software supported, 240 Carriers. Full, White-Labeled solution with your own Brand. Pricing is customized to your needs. API Ready.

Amazing List of Features

An impressive 26 Features. From a Full Branded Experience to Customer Support for all Insurance Verification matters needed by your end Customers.

> 500 payers in total

Getting Started
with dentalrobot

Let's tackle your dental revenue cycle challenges and vulnerable areas to achieve better, more impactful outcomes. Our established framework demonstrates the potential for up to a 90% reduction in costs associated with repetitive tasks, along with an overall collection increase of 5-10%.

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What is the main difference between dentalrobot’s Dental Insurance Verification Automation and everyone else?

Our approach is unique. For DSOs, we provide four plans with over 60 features. You can start with the Lite Plan, which is the same as those offered by our competitors, and at any time upgrade to higher-value plans. The Lite Plan starts at $150/month.


Do you provide Eligibility Data?

Yes, we provide the exact data for Eligibility available on the carriers' portals, API/EDI & via voice calls. We even provide the printout and upload it to your Practice Management System.


Do you provide Full Breakdowns Data for new patients?

Yes, we provide the exact data for Full Breakdown available on the carriers' portals, API/EDI & via voice calls. We do exactly as you currently do to obtain the highest data quality possible. We even provide the printout and upload it to your Practice Management System.


Do you have any long-term contracts?

No. All our contracts are month-to-month. We provide 60-day termination. Our aim is for you to experience the pinnacle of intelligence in dental automation. This decision could be your most strategic one yet.


Do you provide Customized Services?

Certainly, as every DSO is unique and different we offer customization for numerous features. Among the most requested is our platform's capability to tailor to your specific Dental Insurance Verification Form and write-back workflows. We can achieve unprecedented levels of 100% Customization.


Do you integrate with my Dental Practice Management Software?

Indeed, we stand as the sole platform with the ability to comprehensively read and write back to any brand or version of Dental Practice Management Software, whether installed on servers or hosted in the cloud.


What is Cognitive Automation?

Within our Custom and Professional Plans, we've crafted the most exhaustive platform for Dental Insurance Verification Automation, brimming with advanced AI features that render it exceptionally intelligent. If you can train a staff member, you can train our AI.


How should I get started?

Simple. Start with the Lite Plan. As you get to know the platform, you will want to upgrade in the future. It’s up to you.


How fast can this be installed?

Installation under the Lite Plan typically requires 1-2 business days. For the Custom Plan, installation timelines can range from 1 week to 12, contingent upon the extent of customization required.


What about the other Automations?

After implementing our Insurace Verification AI, the next ones are Payment Posting and Front Desk, Call Center AI.

Dental Insurance Verification Pricing

Our straightforward pricing options are customized according to your model: Centralized or Decentralized. Receive further discounts when you bundle other RCM Automations together.

Install-time: 5-7 min
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For Decentralized DSOs
< 50 Patients/day
Install-time: 5-7 min
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Lite + Some Write Backs
< 50 Patients/day
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Some Cognition
> 50 Patients/day
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