Intelligent Automation

Automate and generate more significant outcomes in Recalls, Patient A/R, Payments, Treatment Plans, Appointments, Insurance Verification, Missed Calls, Forms, EOB Postings. Create customized automation journeys. Digitally transform your Dental practice with automation.

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Automation for All

We solve the problem of automating almost any repetitive manual process. We also solve the problem of enabling automating communication, process, and data sharing among any software used by your dental practice to help you digitally transform it, increase productivity, provide a much better patient experience and reduce costs.

One Platform, all your customized Automations; with zero clicks, zero logins.

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Learn about the two most important features of DentalRobot and how you can implement them in your practice.


Easily start your Automation journey with our Pre-Built Robots.
Over 80 Robots available.


Adopt Full Automation workflows like Insurance Verification, Revenue Cycle Management and much more.

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Select what type of practice are you to learn more about how can DentalRobot kickstart you into the 21st century and beyond with automation specialy tailored for dental offices.

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We optimize your work.

Discover how automation can help your practice, business model and revenue. Learn why the time to automate your practice is now.

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