The future of Dental Support Organizations

RCM and Front

Desk Ops AI

Workflow Orchestration. Automation AI powered. 7% Human supported.

100% Customized. 100% Dental Domain.

Workflow Orchestration AI

Payors | PMS | Call Center | Recall | Front Desk

Coordinate, Orchestrate, Centralize

Starting with Dental Insurance Verification and Revenue Cycle Management Automation.

It takes too many clicks, cost too much money and is highly inaccurate.

Save hundreds of hours per week executing repetitive tasks. We automate up to 93% end-to-end write-back to your DPMS (Cloud or Server).

DentalRobot frees staff members from performing repetitive Dental Insurance Verification, Dental Revenue Cycle Management, Call Center and Front Desk tasks with end -to-end Intelligent Automation. Some of the outcomes:

  • Reduce Labor Cost by up to 90%

  • Increase staff productivity

  • Elevate staff skills

  • Increase efficiency

  • Unlock data from Silos

  • Crossover Software Integrations

  • Start with Dental Insurance Verification AI

Your DSO needs

The first intelligent automation platform designed for Dental Support Organizations.

One Dental-Specific Integrated Platform, all your Automations. All brands of dental practice management systems (PMS). Start with Insurance Verification AI.

The broadest reach in data extraction, normalization and orchestration from all Payors.

The broadest reach in data write-back from most brands of dental softwares.

Train the AI once and forget.


Reduction human-supported tasks


Pre-built DSO specific workflows


of hours saved per month/location starting with RCM


Cost Reduction


From Day 1: 50% - 400%.


Workflow Platform for all automation AI 


Brands of Dental Software supported for full write-backs

150 Portals

Extract and normalize from over 150 Payor Portals


Extract and normalize from over 400 Payor IVR Calls

Discovery Dental Intelligent Automation opportunities within your Dental Support Organization

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Unlock endless possibilities of workflow AI 
automation in one platform within your DSO

Across all brands of dental softwares
Full Write-back capabilities. 100% Customized.
Integrated Intelligent Automation Delivered in 1 - 3 days.

Full Break Down

Automate Full Breakdows Extraction from 150 payor portals.


Automate Eligibility. 1, 3, 5, 7 Days on Advance.

Customized Form

100% Customized Insurance Verification Form.


100% Customized Write-Back Workflows to your PMS brand.


All uploaded to the Document section of your PMS.

Print Screens

Automate Print Captures from Payors for Compliance.


Extract any data from any PDF.

Rules & Rules

Unlimited Training of the AI at zero additional cost.

Insurance API

For those that want Insurance Full Breakdown Normalized as an API Feed.

Call Center

Automates dialing carriers and obtaining patient benefits.

CDT Pre-requisit

Workflow AI based on CDT logic flows.

1 or 1000

Locations and standarization across all of them.

Voice AI

Reduce Front Desk Voice Costs.


All workflows are 100% Customized.

Patient Selection

Select which patients to verify.

Recall Integration

Integrations to all recall platforms.

Data Intepretation

Interprets insurance benefits and adds data back to patient's account.

Update PMS

Updates any required field, e.g. insurance address.

Patients' Benefits

Emails patients to benefits prior to appointment.


Solves in excess of 90% of non-clinical rejections.


DSOs can code on top of proprietary  dental specific RPA.

Train AI

Train Once and Forget.

Focus on the Root

We solve problems from the root. Up to 93% of problems solved w/o human support.


Workflow Orchestration from all channels and softwares

Voice Bots

To keep reducing calls to payors


Compatible with over 10 brands of Dental Practice Management Software

Claim Tracking

Tracks claims across all platforms back to PMS

Call Analytics

Sends Call Center AI back to PowerBI


Centralize all your AI Automations in one single interface.

Claim Status

Directly update Claim Status from Payor Portals and Clearinghouses.


Generate, email and print EDO & EOM Reports.


Data API exchange to PowerBI Interfaces. Savings on dashboards.

EOB Posting

Extracts Data from EOB and posts back to DPMS. 

Claim Scrubbing

Scrubbs claims before submission.

Training. AI.

Constant Zero Cost AI Training to improve outcomes.

Fee Schedule

Upload Fee Schedules to DPMS.

Any architecture

100% Customized to any stack/architecture.

Lowest Cost

Lowest cost per patient or transaction. e.g. Claim Tracking starts at $0.15

Password Manager

Easy set up from one to 1000 locations.

Cloud or On-Prem

As per 100% Customized requests from CTOs.


Standarize all your workflows, across all your PMS.

Claim Submission

Automate and consolidate submitting claims on all brands of PMS.

Real-Time Verifications

Either on Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Claim Tracking

Claim Statusing from Payor Portals and Clearinghouses.

Manual and repetitive tasks have the potential to be automated to possitively impact the Patient Experience. Find a dental automation that is right for your DSO. Explore our pre-built workflows.

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Scalable Human & AI Outcomes

Spend less time doing it.
Get more done.

  • DR orchestrates workflows across multiple dental systems where previous integrations were unavailable.

  • Our platform gets trained just like a staff member. Once you train it, you forget it. So it can do the same tasks as humans allowing the staff members to focus on higher valuable work.

  • DentalRobot is always on the edge on innovation. For those dental support organizations thinking of building and maintaining, DR saves years and millions in R&D and Capex Costs.

Two options: One: Simple Discovery Call.
Two: One-day Discovery AI Workshop.

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Some resources to kick start your DSO Automation Mindset

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Going from zero to one means going from nothing to something. This is the greatest leap possible when jumpstarting Digital Transformation with your DSO

The state of AI in 2023. McKinsey &Co

A comprehensive Survey on Generative AI, the present and how it will transform organizations.

2023 Economic Outlook

Insights from Ada's Health Policy Institute.

The Innovation Commitment

A great McKinsey whitepaper that every DSO should implement.

ROI + from Day 1

Lowest cost

Zero maintenance

Any business model

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If you'd like to know more about our pre-build dental software Digital Workers or our business process automation platform, schedule a demo or send us a message, fill in the form below, and we'll be sure to respond as soon as possible!