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Is AI the Future of Dentistry

April 26, 2024

Artificial intelligence has become a mainstay in dentistry over the last few years. Dental health has benefitted significantly from technological advances. The truth is that many people distrust their dentists. However, they have a good reason to trust computers. Artificial intelligence can be used to prevent diagnostic errors as well as improve patient education. The use of Artificial Intelligence in diagnostics will allow dentists to concentrate on communication and treatment plans. An experienced dentist must be able to see multiple patients in a day without losing any time. Using artificial intelligence, dentists have more time to interact with patients and manage staff. The use of artificial intelligence has changed not only the way insurance verification, eligibility checks, and patient scheduling are handled, but also the use of laser technology, 3D printing, and virtual reality. Artificial intelligence can be applied to as many aspects of dentistry as possible.

Any voice command software works similarly to Alexa. The software can search records, select and pull up patient records, charts, and x-rays. An assistant or technician doesn't have to look for documents, diagrams, or x-rays all the time.  Several start ups have launched initiatives with AI that identifies cavities in x-rays using artificial intelligence. Dentists are required to master several critical skills to do their job, including interpreting x-rays and planning treatments correctly. Since many images aren't visible to the naked eye, artificial intelligence is highly beneficial in this regard. Artificial Intelligence serves as a great assistant in many ways. One of those is optimizing the dental practices schedule by coordinating treatments that need to be completed and contacting patients.

Looking Into the Future

With artificial intelligence, solutions with diagnostics can be developed more quickly in dentistry. Artificial intelligence facilitates communication between doctors and patients and allows for more accurate analysis. As long as there is the possibility of human error without AI, this can be reduced in dentistry with a precise diagnosis and prognosis before and after a dental appointment. Artificial intelligence aims to make the dentist's and staff's job easier and make the patient experience stress-free and pain-free. Dental visits can have lasting effects on patients psychologically. This is very true for patients who fear going to the dentist. However, it's exciting to ponder the positive results that artificial intelligence will have for dental health care in years to come.

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