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For some, Automation seems like rocket science. To be successful in Automation, you require in-depth knowledge and understanding of your business processes. What if you had someone who could see and understand your vision, know your type of Dental practice, group, or DSO, and guide you and your team every step of the way? Someone that has helped hundreds of Dental procedures implement End-to-End Automation.

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Why DentalRobot?

Fast Track Your Journey

DentalRobot Onboarding is a nine-week program consisting of listening, planning, discovering, tricks, hacks, and tips all designed to accelerate the launching and implementation of automation in Dental offices. You will work directly with DentalRobot executives to develop the right journey and architecture in a cost-efficient and quick manner.


Experts from the start

Hit the ground running without any fear or barriers. With DentalRobot Onboarding your automation launch is fast and easy. Some in a matter of minutes; others more sophisticated in days (not weeks). Our team will be able to help you.

Onboarding Specialist

Serving as your main point of contact throughout your Automation journey, your Onboarding Specialist will be in charge of interpreting all your processes and workflows, designing them on our platform, and moving your practice towards launch. You’ll get instant support and answers to all your automation-related questions.

Pilot and Co-Pilots

Airplanes need them. Ships entering new harbors also need them. Our Automation Pilots and Co-Pilots are Dental business operators who are experts on process redesign and redefinition using DentalRobot’s end-to-end automation platform. Save time, reduce errors, solve critical flaws in your workflows.

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