The Most Powerful & Intelligent Software for DSOs and Groups

Dental Insurance Verification AI Automation

Four Plans and Over 60 Features to Choose

For Dental Support Organizations interested in either partially or completely automating Dental Insurance Verification with full write-back capabilities to their PMS of choice.

DentalRobot is the most strategic decision that any Group or DSO can make. Inflation is here.

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Deepest PMS Integration

We deeply integrate with any Server and Cloud Based Practice Management System. Zero extra work on your side. We fully read all your Practice Management System and also write back to it, completely. From adding notes back to the Schedule to updated carrier addresses and much more.

DentalRobot learns & becomes very smart.

Train DentalRobot with your own Dental Insurance Verification Rules and Logic Flows. Lower your dependance on trained/expert staff members. DentalRobot fully reads and writes on every brand of Practice Management System; just like a human.

One Location or 1,000.

Centralize all your Dental Insurance Verification Data in one simple dashboard, from all carriers, from all and any Brand of Dental Practice Management Systems. Empower more teams members to help, Assistants, Hygienists, Remote Staff Members. We even map your Organization.

Upgrade at any time.

From the simplest Automation to the Most Cognitive. Start Lite and Evolve. Why settle for less. Our Lite Plan starts at $199 per location. Our Custom Plan is the most Cognitive Plan. Why use any other competitor when you can get 10x more value from the start with Dental Insurance Verification Automation AI.

Omnichannel Data Sourcing

Dental Insurance Verification AI retrieves data from all Payors Channels, Portals, API/EDI & Voice at the lowest possible cost. We extract and normalize data from over 150 payor portals and over 300 IVRs. All data flows back in either to our Dashboard or to your DPMS of choice.

Multi-Channel Data Delivery

Besides write-back to your PMS of choice and our Dashboard, Dental Insurance Verification is also available on Slack and Microsoft Teams. Therefore, within 2-10 minutes you can get Dental Insurance Verification on any of these two messaging platforms.

Data Integrity

We have always wanted to solve Insurance Verification from the moment the patient calls the office. Now, we are able to do so. When Voice AI picks up the call, everything flows back to your Practice Management Software. And before, we write everything back, all Insurance is verified.

60 Impressive Features

Over 60 amazing features. We have built the most comprehensive platform that can cater to all your Dental Insurance Verification Automation needs. Fees Schedules not being up to date?  Groups Plans being a mess. You name it. We have it. If not, we build it, free.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the main difference between DentalRobot’s Dental Insurance Verification Automation and everyone else?

Our approach is unique. We provide four plans with over 60 features. You can start with the Lite Plan, which is the same as those offered by our competitors, and at any time upgrade to higher-value plans. The Lite Plan starts at $199/month.


Do you provide Eligibility Data?

Yes, we provide the exact data for Eligibility available on the carriers' portals, API/EDI & via voice calls. We even provide the printout and upload it to your Practice Management System.


Do you provide Full Breakdowns Data for new patients?

Yes, we provide the exact data for Full Breakdown available on the carriers' portals, API/EDI & via voice calls. We do exactly as you currently do to obtain the highest data quality possible. We even provide the printout and upload it to your Practice Management System.


Do you have any long-term contracts?

No. We provide 60-day termination. Our goal is for you to try out the most Intelligent Automation Platform in Dental. It’s your most strategic decision ever.


Do you provide Customized Services?

Yes, we provide Customization of many features. The most asked for is our platform's ability to Customize to your own Dental Insurance Verification Form.


Do you integrate with my Dental Practice Management Software?

Yes, we are the only platform capable of fully reading and writing back to any brand, version, or Dental Practice Management Software. Including those installed on servers as well as those on the cloud.


What is Cognitive Automation?

We have built the most comprehensive platform in Dental Insurance Verification Automation with many AI Features on the Custom and Professional Plan that make it very intelligent.


How should I get started?

Simple. Start with the Lite Plan, $199/month. As you get to know the platform, you will want to upgrade in the future. It’s up to you.


How fast can this be installed?

The Lite Plan takes 1-2 business days for installation. The Custom Plan can go from 1 week to 12, depending on the amount of Customization.


How good is your support?

We provide 18x7 support via email, slack, and phone.

Maximize Staff Member productivity.

Lower rejections and denials on Claims

Up to


reduction in call time

Reduction by


of any non-clinical rejections

Up to


of revenue lift


Staff experience moving forward


Automated for Eligibility

Up to


Full Break Downs


Our simple pricing options are tailored to grow with your dental practice.

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