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DentalRPA Integration Processes Explained

May 2, 2024

Once you’ve decided on developing your own robotic process automation (RPA) at your dental office, a common next question is how the platform will integrate with programs your office already uses. There’s no reason to worry, though, because DentalRobot’s RPA easily connects third-party apps like Quickbooks, Zoom, and Outlook 365 with Pre-Built robots or connectors. Smooth integration of new platforms is critical to saving time and resources within any business, but especially customer-facing businesses like dental practices. You don’t want the patient experience to suffer just because you have decided to use a new platform. In fact, a great platform will do the opposite: enhance the patient experience and make the dental professionals’ work easier.

Just because your billing, for example, is already handled by a third-party company doesn’t mean that you can’t develop your own automations using DentalRPA and therefore automate some parts of the process. Given that DentalRobot is specialized in dentistry, the team is already familiar with much of the software your dental practice is probably using. Integrating that software using RPA platform will not be a problem at all. DentalRPA is comprehensive and works with the software and processes you have already implemented. It automates platform and workflows communications between each of your PMS and software vendors. Rather than various independent processes all run through third-party apps, DentalRobot will allow you to automate all those processes and integrate them into a single platform. It's easy, affordable, and convenient.

Don’t waste the valuable work hours you and your team have during the day by completing a series of repetitive manual tasks that could be automated instead. Everything you need will be all easily accessible in one place on the DentalRobot platform as it does tasks for you. You’ll end up saving time, energy, and money by using DentalRobot as an RPA.

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