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How Building Your Own RPAs Allows You To Customize Entire Operations in your Dental Group or DSO

May 2, 2024

No one knows the ins and outs of your dental group or DSO better than you do. There are intricacies and unique qualities that differentiate your group/DSO, which’s a good thing. But when you look for software to help you do your job well, it can also mean that the cookie-cutter software that’s available on the market simply isn’t up for the job. RPA technology, specifically customized RPA technology from DentalRobot, can help with that. With it, you can customize entire business operations according to your needs while making use of the benefits of automation.

Your dental billing, for example, can involve several different workflows like secure money management and statement processing. To fully automate this billing process, you could utilize DentalRobot’s end-to-end business process automation platform and customize the operation however you need. The process of building your own RPAs (if you desire is also possible with our DentalRPA license) is not as complicated or expensive as it sounds. DentalRobot can also provide pre-built robots, templates, connectors, and workflows for the common dental office tasks (probably about 80% of your needs). We can work with your team to customize robot workflows for the remaining 20% of processes. In the end, you’ll end up with a personalized automation journey just for your practice that is a perfect fit.

Any operation involving repetitive manual processes will be customized and optimized for the highest possible level of productivity. Your administrative workload will be significantly lighter, and as a result, the patient experience will improve, all while overall costs get reduced. There is so much to gain from implementing an RPA platform like DentalRobot into your dental practice and not much to lose. The process of implementation isn’t even disruptive and can take less than an hour. Spending the time to build your own RPAs will be worth it when you have new, customized operations.

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