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Should I build my own Robots?

May 2, 2024

For big DSOs or even 3rd parties with a strong IT team, every VP IT or CTO will ask whether to develop their Automation or use DentalRobot's automation platform for dental offices.

Let's provide some clarity on why DentalRobot.

  1. We have over 80 Pre-Built Robots already on inventory. Why re-invent the wheel for the same processes that you are running in your DSO or third party. Hence, reduce your time to market and lower cost/risk.
  2. DentalRobot already has a robust marketplace of third-party applications like RingCentral, Intermedia, Stripe, and much more that we can connect.
  3. Scale automation. Our platform already supports and manages from one location to hundreds. Scale with our Orchestrator and manage all your Automation from a centralized dashboard. More info here.
  4. Never underestimate the complexities of Automation and robots. When automation challenges a business model (e.g. insurance carriers), be prepared to iterate and evolve.
  5. Implementing DentalRobot takes less than 30 minutes, and going live with some of our Pre-Built Robots takes less than 1-2 hours.
  6. Our platform is dental practice management software agnostic. So all the Pre-Built Robots have already been built for many PMS.
  7. Our proprietary platform adapts to different business models, everyone depending on context and vision.
  8. We continue to make significant updates to our dental automation platform as we head towards hyper Automation and human-assisted Robots.
  9. We are experts in business processes in dental offices and in how automation fixes all those that are broken.
  10. Our business model is very unique as we have built our own automation platform for dental offices. We control the journey, the roadmap, the pricing, the iterations.

If all of the above are still insufficient reasons why use DentalRobot you can use a Developer License of our platform so your DSO or company can develop Robots and automation on top of our platform and enjoy the benefits of price/value compared to other platforms in the market.

Lastly, as our vision is to make dentists happier by the adoption of automation, you can always schedule a free assessment call with any of our automation experts or even our CEO. We will be more than glad to help you on your journey.

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