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Why do we love verbs so much

July 12, 2020

As you might have seen in most of our social media posts or our newly released promotional video (click here), we love four specific verbs. Let’s review each one.

  • Automate (verb). DentalRobot is in the business of automation. We are here to help you automate everything in your dental office that is repetitive, boring, consistent, and manual.
  • Augment (verb). Our automation platform for dental offices makes any process and any software greater and better in your dental office. This means bigger outcomes on every process.
  • Amplify (verb). Dental Robot understands that every software in the dental industry is limited and that every practice is unique. Our business automation platform causes your current software layers like your PMS, recall, voice, among others, to become more intense on features without the need for new releases from your current providers.
  • Redefine (verb). It’s 2020. Dental offices haven’t changed much in the last 20 years. The adoption of dental software has been remarkable, but many platforms lack innovation. Automation helps you redefine your processes and your dental office.

Four verbs, four constant actions every day on every client we serve.