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Dental Revenue Cycle Reinvented

For Dental Groups and DSOs.

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Centralize or De-centralize with Automation.

Every Dental Solo office, Group or DSO does Revenue Cycle differently. They all use different platforms and processes. DentalRobot fully automates Revenue Cycle in your Dental Office. It can even add Auditing Workflows. Our Revenue Cycle Automation platform is 100% customized to every Dental Office, Group or DSO. All your workflows under One Single Platform.


Payment Posting

Automate Posting
100% Customized

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Claim Management

Automate Claim Follow Ups.
Add Extra Accountability.

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Accounts Receivables

100% Customized. 100% Automated.
Unlimited LifeCycles.

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Automate Dental Revenue Cycle

Looking for a different approach to Revenue Cycle in your Dental Office, Group or DSO? Don't settle for overpriced and underperforming outsourcing; don't outsource the problem. Solve all your Revenue Cycle problem in your Dental office from the root cause with DentalRobot. Build your own customized RCM Workflows that automates the way you do things. Automate your Dental Office.

DentalRobot has Three Automation Services: Accounts Receivables, Claim Management and Payment Posting. Reduce errors in Data Entry and movement to perform any RCM workflow. Outsource only the missing processes that needs Human Intervention. It’s that easy!

Whole Spectrum

From the most simple Eligibility to the most sophisticated Breakdowns

One Platform

Automate all your RCM and hundreds of other workflows on
One Single Platform.

Directly Integrated

To any DPMS. Read.
and write Codes.



We Automate the exact way you do things. Zero errors.

fast deploy

Fast to Implement

In 24 hours, you are up and running


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