What is DentalRobot?

Easy and fast automation for dental offices

Ever wonder how to fix so many broken systems?
Ever wonder how to automate all those repetitive manual processes?
Ever wonder how can your platforms effortlessly integrate with each other?

We solve all these problems.
We help you digitally transform the processes and systems in your practice. Get to know us and be amazed.
Embrace the power of Automation by DentalRobot.

How DentalRobot Works

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We understand your context

Except for integrated DSOs, most dental offices are different. Although they use the same platforms (PMS, recall, voice, payments, analytics), most processes differ from one to another. On our first interaction with your practice, Group, or DSO/MSO, we always like to understand how it is built, what platforms you use (the why), and what keeps you awake at night.


Select your Pre-Built Robots, Workflows & Bots

We have developed dozens of Pre-Built Robots. Come and check them out. Please review them as they are super easy to install and put them to use. Need one that is absent from the list? We build them in a matter of hours.

Pre - Built Robots


What needs to be customized

Most of our Pre-Built Robots and Workflows do 80% of common tasks & processes in any dental office. The 20% remaining is those fractions of processes that make your practice unique and special. We customize all the Robots and Workflows for a 100% customized fit.

Need to be customized
Automation Journey


Your Automation Journey

We develop a personalized automation journey for your practice. It is a list of Pre-Built Robots and Workflows that impacts your short term goals. It can be as simple as one Pre-Built Robot. You decide. We have made automation so affordable that you will be impressed.


Implementing DentalRobot

Once you agree on your Journey, we implement (using a remote connection) our Automation platform that enables Pre-Built Robots and Workflows; it usually takes 2-3 minutes. Afterward, our Quality Assurance team verifies that Robots & Workflows are correctly installed. You are ready to start feeling the power of Automation.

Maintenance & Support


Maintenance & Support

Once your Pre-Built Robots and Workflows are installed, we provide routine maintenance. We monitor them for errors. We also enhance and do optimizations in those case needed. If your software changes, the Robots also change.


Dentist Benefits

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Patient Benefits

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The DentalRobot Advantage

Easy and fast automation for dental offices

Embrace the power of automation.
Ask us why we are different from the rest of the Automation players but also how our platform is superior on features.
We are redefining the dental work force.

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