As you try to grow your Group Practices, you have more processes and more staff. You are stretched thin trying to scale enough to become a DSO or even be able to compete. Achieve the scale on processes by automating those repetitive manual tasks that keeps slipping through the cracks. Staff shortage? A problem of the past.

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Digitally Transform your Group Practice

Automate processes, workflows and easily integrate 3rd party platforms in your Group Practice

Before DentalRobot

Are you tired of working in silos? Multiple PMS? Platforms not synchronized? Does it take months or years to integrated new platforms to perform specific workflows?

After DentalRobot

After group

DentalRobot automates workflows and platform communications among all your PMS and software vendors. Our automation platform for dental offices enables you to automate all your processes and workflows. Easily, fast, and affordable.

robot working

Empower your staff members to produce more value outcomes.

Let the Pre-Build Robots do what they can do best. Robots are amazing at executing repetitive manual tasks. Tasks that consume time and always keep slipping through the cracks.

Our Pre-Built robots are:

  • Unattended, even at 24x7, 5x8 workshifts
  • Customized to increase conversions
  • Can automate most repetitive manual processes
  • Great for Multiple Practice Management Systems
  • Great for Practice Integration across different locations
  • Generate new workflows to increase conversions and outcomes
  • Great to improve Ebitda

Pre-Built Robots or License RPA Model

Launch your own Automation workforce in minutes with our Pre-Built Robots. For those Groups interested in developing their own Robots, now you can build Robots based on your own process and systems that makes your Group unique. Whether using our Pre-Built Robots, or build your own, or combination, envision your Group with 10s or even 100s of Robots running on parallel across different locations.


Achieve the desired scale on your Group’s processes

Staff shortage impacting achieving scale and patient experience? A problem of the past. Most offices’ staff members are stretched thin with more and more tasks as today’s offices require more processes to be able to catch up to the rest. Be less stressed about micromanaging.


Increase your Ebitda in less than Six Months

Trying to sell to a DSO/MSO? Automating processes with DentalRobot helps increase your positive bottom line. An increase in Ebitda means much better valuation on the exit. Your shareholders and partners will be very happy.

Want to connect to the latest platforms in Silicon Valley?

With our Pre-Build or Build your own Robots you can connect to any platform.

Easy to use

Just press "Play"
and you are ready to go

Instant Deployment

1-Click execution:
Pre-Build Robots or
RPA License Model

Cloud or Local Management

Local On-Premise

Unlimited Support

Support 24x7

Dental Practice Software Agnostic
DentalRobot platform is software agnostic. For more information about RPA, please visit Wikipedia.
Email Integration
DentalRobot integrates with Office365, MS Exchange, G-Suite, and more!
DB Integration
DentalRobot communicates with multiple Databases like Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, etc.

Self-serve solution

DentalRobot provides an array of self serve Pre-Built for your Group Practice. We also license our proprietary RPA technology.
Need a Robot we don't have? Let's go, we will build it for free.

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Check out the video below.

Every Practice in your group is unique. One in South Miami is very different than another one located in Fort Lauderdale. However, you can achieve group scale on business operations like Insurance Verifications, Recalls,  AR-Billing, Google Reviews, and many more across all the different locations by using Automation.

From Pre-Built Robots to create your own, DentalRobot's platform enables you to reach levels of scale and, at the same time, helps you reduce costs associated with repetitive manual tasks. It also allows you to improve processes and even create new revenue streams.


We also understand Group Practices. The constant pressure to pay the lenders that impact cash flow, the difficulties on staff, the stress about being less able to scale your processes, among others. We get it. Our pricing model adapts to your needs as a Group Practice.

Experience the power of Automation and Pre-Built Robots for free for 30 days. And if you want to develop Robots with in-house programmers, we license our RPA technology.


It’s super easy to start using Pre-Built DentalRobots. Regardless of your experience with Automation, you can try any of our Pre-Built robots for free.

  • Try for free
  • Pre-Built Robots: Five included
  • Duration: 30 days
  • Computer needed: One


  • Internet connection
  • Windows 8 or 10
  • Installed On-Premise


Now that you have experienced our Pre-Built Robots, you can pay for them every month. We have made it affordable so you can deploy Robots in increments of five and at a price that makes sense for Group Practices.

  • Buy Pre-Build Robots
  • Pre-Built Robots: Unlimited
  • Duration: Unlimited
  • Computer needed: One


  • Internet connection
  • Windows 8 or 10
  • Installed On-Premise


Does your Group Practice have programmers wanting to use our Robot Automation Platform to develop Robots in-house? Easily download our Trial License for free and start deploying and testing your own Robots.

  • Developer License
  • Free for Developers/Programmers
  • Duration: Once Robots go live.
  • Computer needed: See below


  • Internet connection
  • Windows 8 or 10
  • On-Premise or Cloud

Options for every practice

Our pricing model adapts to the needs of your Group and it's budget. Experience the power of Automation and Pre-Built Robots for free for 30 days.

Solo Practice

Meet your Pre-Built Robots

For Groups

Meet your Pre-Built Robots and the problems they solve


Pre-Built Robots or License our RPA platform

3rd Party companies

New streams of revenue from Automation features.

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