Dental Rules Engine

For some, Automation seems like rocket science. To be successful in Automation, you require in-depth knowledge and understanding of your business processes. What if you had someone who could see and understand your vision, know your type of Dental practice, group, or DSO, and guide you and your team every step of the way? Someone that has helped hundreds of Dental procedures implement End-to-End Automation.

What is the Dental Rules Engine for Insurance Verification
when writing back to your Dental Software

Every Dental Office, Group and DSO does things differently. Their operational business model is anchored on a set of rules and algorithms that make them unique on their revenue producing capabilities.

Today, most of these rules resides on staff members or your insurance verification and billing outsource provider. When a staff member leaves, the whole business operation suffers, and the consequences are enormous.

Here at DentalRobot, we have built the most advanced Rules Engine for Dental Offices. These Rules are very important for not only walking out patients and providing accurate estimates but also for EOB/Insurance Postings, Dental Billing and Reconciliations.

Select the Best Rules option for your Group or DSO

Three options for Rules Engine. One Single Shop.


Our network of Specialty Practice Dental Consultants can help you re-define all your Insurance Verification Rules when writing back to your Practice Management Software.


We have a selected number of Partners that have the best Insurance Verification Rules already embedded into their write-back workflows. Contact us!


Have your own Rule Engine for Insurance Verification and Write-Back? Use our Simple Wizard to build your customized Rule Engine.

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