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DentalRobot automates 100 processes in dental offices

May 2, 2024

Since 2017, when we embarked on this journey (more here), we knew that building our proprietary automation platform for dental offices would be hard.  We also expected that close to our first anniversary of launching our initial Beta testers (back in Oct 2019), we would have achieved over 100 automated dental office processes. The good news is that we are getting there rapidly.

Regardless of the software used by dental offices across the US and Canada, we have transformed many practices that have embraced automation. From the most simple tasks like Google Reviews to the most complicated ones, Insurance Verification and EOB Posting, we are thrilled and super excited to continue the path on delivering on our mission (more here).

We are touching and impacting every process in any dental office, regardless of their specialty. We love to automate high-volume ones like Pediatric Dentists, love groups, and DSO's, but we love the joy we are bringing back to doctors more than anything.

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