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DentalRobot's Dashboard

May 2, 2024

DentalRobot keeps adding new features to support multi-location dental offices like groups and Dental Support Organization. For those IT providers, Insurance Verification companies, and 3rd party platforms, Dental Robot's new release of its business automation platform for dental offices is excellent.

Last week we released version 3.0 of DentalRobot's Dashboard. A centralized location for managing all your business process automation functions within your group,  DSO, or service provider.
In this newly released Dashboard, you can centralize all of the following activities:

  • Input the time at which any of your Robots should start their task;
  • Control what each Robot & Workflow does, and when does it end;
  • Review the status of each Robot;
  • Monitor how much memory they have left;
  • Monitor CPU use and available disk space;
  • Manage the roles of different people in your organization.

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