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How can Automation help my practice?

May 2, 2024

There are three types of dental practices by patient volume. High, mid, and low. High volume dental practices are those that see above 50-60 patients per day. Low volume is those less than 15 patients per day. Which type of dental practice are you?

Regardless of patient volume in dental offices, we solve the problem of automating almost any repetitive manual process. We additionally address the problem of enabling automated communication, process, and data sharing among any software used by your dental practice to help you digitally transform it, increase productivity, provide a much better patient experience, and reduce costs.
These are some examples of repetitive manual processes in dental offices.

  1. Patient accounts receivable. If you keep calling, emailing, or texting your patient, this becomes a consistent and repetitive manual task. You can easily Automate it with our Pre-Built Account Receivable Robot.
  2. Google Reviews. How are you incentivizing patients to leave reviews on your Google business page? Either by paying staff members to follow up or by using a 3rd party platform. Our Pre-Built Robots execute this repetitive process at a fraction of any 3rd party provider in the market. We also help you save money.
  3. Recall Lists. How are you monitoring the effectiveness of the voice recalls performed by your staff members? Our Recall Pre-Built Robots enable you to automate this repetitive process.
  4. Another great one is Insurance Verification, a complete workflow. This set of processes combined to generate a workflow. Automate Insurance Verification with our Pre-Built Robots and Workflows.

Every practice has tens of dozens of processes that are repetitive, consistent, manual, and in many cases, tedious; be either small or big. It doesn’t matter. We automate any of them.

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