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How does Automation impact revenue cycle management in dental offices

May 2, 2024

Deep diving into dental business operations

Our sense of purpose is simple, we want Dentists to be happier (more on our story here). As we went and worked in dental offices for many years, learning the language, the processes, the systems we found that Revenue Cycle is the biggest business operations challenge for every dental office.

The revenue cycle management (RCM) process begins when a patient schedules an appointment and ends when the dental office has accepted all (figuratively speaking) payments. This workflow, comprised on many moving parts (processes), leads to many errors (mostly human) that can lead to issues on accounts receivables, among others.

DentalRobot automates many of the different processes in your RCM. From “personalized omnichannel patient accounts receivables”, to “claims management” and “insurance verification”, we automate most of these touch points. More importantly, we deliver a customized fit for your dental office.

Simplify your RCM with automation from DentalRobot. Contact us for further information.

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