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How Does Automation Solve the Insurance Verification Problem?

May 2, 2024

One of the most time-consuming and tedious tasks for a dental practice to manage is verifying dental insurance. It only adds to the administrative workload that dental practices face daily and can take up several hours each day on the phone or computer to verify insurance eligibility. Fortunately, now there is automation in existence that can solve dental insurance verification issues. Using automation for dental insurance verification and other administrative tasks will increase productivity while saving your dental practice money and time. This valuable time can now be better used somewhere else where it is needed.

The challenging tasks of manually checking every patient’s insurance eligibility and benefits can be automated. Only a little quick and simple work must be done by your office team beforehand, and automation can take care of the rest. Using an automation platform frees your office team to work on other tasks and easily track critical insurance information such as outstanding claims conveniently. The insurance verification process will be streamlined and save your dental practice money along the way and open more business growth opportunities for your practice. Insurance checks get completed immediately through automation, but insurance changes and human errors are identified quickly and before the practice bills the patient’s insurance resulting in clean claims. With automation, there are fewer denials which translate into quicker payments. When insurance checks are automated, patients can access care more quickly.

The dental insurance verification process is more efficient and smoother with automation. Complete automation workflows don’t just stop at insurance verification. Automation also can manage membership plans, the revenue cycle, the digital patient journey, and patient A/R. All the time that your dental office members spend working on these tasks can be freed and spent on things that increase the patient experience. Automation is a small change that can make a huge difference in your dental practice.

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