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Partner and Build

May 2, 2024

DentalRobot provides the most powerful cognitive SaaS automation platform for dental offices. Our clients constantly face significant challenges in dental insurance verification and billing. Most of them want a tactical solution (deployed in 1-2 days; it’s been decades, and no one has been able to deliver this) to this complex problem.

The main reason? Every dental support organization and group is different as they operate with variables and rules that are unique to their patient demo, socio, and psychographics. A partnership mindset approach is critical to successfully implementing DentalRobot and solving dental insurance verification.

A partnership in which both organizations understand the importance of building together to solve complex problems. Let’s lay down the foundations of how to partner and build so we can solve your dental insurance verification problem.

  • Provide your Rules
  • Launch a Trial
  • Iterate & Train
  • Audit
  • Go Live
  • More Audits

Your Dental Insurance Verification and Billing Rules are yours

Only you know them. Don’t expect anyone to know them out of the bat. There is a saying in dental, if you have seen one dental office, you have only seen one. To use most of our cognitive automation SaaS platform, dental organizations need to share and explain their rules to our team so we can replicate them into our platform. However, we also have a lighter version of DentalRobot that enables you to start working with us without sharing all the rules.

A trial is a trial

To all our dental support organization clients, we launch them in a trail before they go entirely live. We want to be sure that all the rules are placed correctly into the platform and that they are delivering the expected outcome. Before switching from internal dental insurance verification or the outsourced provider to cognitive automation by DentalRobot, we want to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

Iterate and Train

As you launch your initiatives with DentalRobot, you will see that much more information has yet to be provided. It’s normal; we humans forget things. We want to ensure that our platform adapts to your dental insurance verification and business rules. There will be some iteration and training of our algorithm as we go live.

Auditing Dental Insurance Verification

Audits are a crucial element. Under our Custom and Professional Plan, we provide a Dental Insurance Verification Auditor as part of our offering for the first 200 patients per day. Our goal is to catch all those minor bugs generated by our platform and those missed rules shared by your team. We want to ensure that everything is working before you go live.

More Audits

We highly recommend statistical samples for random audits at least once a week. As our Dental Insurance Verification automation and intelligence kick in on the write back to your practice management system, most oftentimes, some rules have missed previous audits.

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