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Your automation journey

May 2, 2024

Very similar to when you decided to build your dental office, automating the business part of your dental office is a journey. The best way to explain this journey is with the “building the house” metaphor. Metaphors are always useful as they help us putting innovative ideas into a context we might understand.

Let’s start by setting the foundations. A house must have a solid foundation, or it could eventually be worthless; to design the foundation of the house, your architect must know how many stories tall, how many square feet, and much more. In automation, understanding your current business and future context is vital. It helps us propose the right fit for any the features & products of our Automation platform for dental offices. As one might imagine, the foundation for a solo practice that wishes to expand to 10 locations in five years is very different from that of one that only wants one location; a step we tackle in How It Works.

Secondly, the structure of a house is made up of all those things that put the foundation into action. How many stories high do you wish to have your house or building, what is the spatial relationship between horizontal and vertical ambient. In automating your dental office, it’s also essential to understand when and how the different Pre-Built Robots & Workflows will be implemented. Workflows are horizontal; robots are vertical. To provide a high impact of automation in dental offices, we always like to propose the first floor to the attic.

Third, the roof. The roof protects the building from the external elements. It can be a change in culture, staff members, business relationships, competitors, providers. Our model includes a support and maintenance fee, so all these variations happening externally from our automation platform can be added as your business, and the context evolves.

Lastly, we provide a custom made fit. The automation journey is unique for every dental office.

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